October 23,

TEDxBucharest 2016 - Ahead of Time

We believe in ideas worth spreading. We believe in the power of a community to bring those ideas to the world. We believe in a world with the courage to imagine, a world that chases dreams, a world capable of more than it thinks.

We invite all of you game-changers and future-shapers to the 8th annual edition of TEDxBucharest, the idea hub for great initiatives which transform perceptions of the world, the meeting point for the unconventional and innovative, the catalyst for modern thought and socio-cultural progress.

This year we bring on stage and in our audience a stellar array of guests, people working on potential ground-breaking research in medicine or technology, individuals with revolutionary approaches in education and human behavior, minds with paradigm-shifting views on economics or society. We know for sure that through careful reflection on our past and close examination of the present, we get an immense opportunity to imagine our future and build it beforehand.

This year, on October 23rd, at TEDxBucharest, we will catch a glimpse at motifs “Ahead of Time”!

Welcome to an entirely new world!

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Past Events

June 16,

TEDxBucharestSalon - Women of Now

The women of now are interesting. They make things happen. Women of now don’t settle for the easy and have their own opinions, which they defend as needed. Women of now know their potential of doing great things and speak well about those great things. The women of now own their power, and that’s why they should start talking about it.

We're diving into the summer of 2016 with another TEDxBucharestSalon event for you to enjoy! This time around, we're shifting the conversation around women of today: mothers and daughters, best friends and role models, business partners and top leaders, innovators and achievers. Women is a noun with many depictions and surprinsingly or not, challenge is one of them. How do women of today find the inner strenght and manage to influence social behaviours or entire communities? Find the answer over a conversation on June 16th!


TEDxBucharest 2015 - Interconnected

For over 7 years we have been a focal point of ideas, actions and people changing our world. We have created bridges between our community and brilliant ideas, we have focused attention on burning issues and built relationships.

We look at the people who touch and impact communities, at ideas which unexpectedly change an entire industry. We promote and provoke ideas which interconnect fields of activity, industries and perceptions.

This year, we build upon the power of an Interconnected world.



The 8th edition rounds up inspirational speakers and ideas, connecting them to an audience hungry for new experiences and innovative points of view.



You’ll have the chance to personally meet new-age influencers and build great connections during the networking breaks.



As expected, the TEDxBucharest stage will host some very special performances, to provide and extra pinch of spectacular in between the talks.



We will cater to your every need – energy boosters, delicious food, stimulating activities and great future-proof spaces.