Crossing Technology

TEDxBucharest Salon – Crossing technology

TEDxBucharest Salon – Crossing technology is an open invitation to enjoy on some of the best TED and TEDx talks that address tech mediated innovation with the potential to change our lives.

The event will be held on Promenada Mall’s Rooftop and will feature former TEDxBucharest participants, surprise announcements and 6 specially selected recorded TED and TEDx talks.

To attend this event, you will need to register for a free ticket.

This is the first in a series of 5 summer event brought to you by TEDxBucharest and it’s the most direct and honest invitation to get your exciting dose of TED talks.
As a special bonus, every participant in the TEDxBucharest Salon 2018 events, will get special rewards for the TEDxBucharest grand event - it will be unlike any you have seen before, stay tuned for a dedicated announcement.

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