Alexandra Furnea


After having worked as a mainstream journalist for various conventional news platforms in Romania, Alexandra quits the common for the uncommon and joins Maximum Rock Magazine, a small music webzine that allows her to fulfill her enduring dream of writing about music and promoting rock culture. To Alexandra, the underground could help Romania grow culturally and socially, if only it were promoted and supported more.

As a survivor of the Colectiv club fire, Alexandra wants to keep flying the flag of the underground, while working toward positive change in Romanian society and culture, through raising awareness about important issues and volunteering in organizations and charities.

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TEDxBucharest in dialogue with Alexandra

TEDxBucharest: How did you finally choose to build you career in your field?

Alexandra: I like to see it as a choice made by the one and only god of rock and roll who stumbled upon a little lost girl. She was looking for an answer to the wrongs of the world through music. He then took her under his sonic wing and gave her a “voice” through words, phrases, expressions and other sorceries like these. He’d have strapped a guitar on her and put her in front of a microphone, but she was too chicken, so she settled for the fascinating world of the backstage.

Allegories aside, I discovered rock music when I was 14 years old, after the loss of my father who used to play in a classic rock band, back in the 70s. He cut his career short because of persecution from the Security (Securitatea) but he kept his records and cassettes. After he died, I stopped being a child, but I wasn’t an adult either, so in order to fix what I felt was broken inside me, I dug up said records and cassettes and was blown away. I finally felt at home in the world with this soundtrack playing in my ears, and for a teenager, that’s a big revelation. To this day, for better or worse, rock music has always found a way to save me.

I believe music can save people. So I try to save it, and show it to the world, in all its glory.

TEDxBucharest: What is that drives you, that motivate you in what you do?

Alexandra: I feel motivated by the power of art to reach into people’s tarnished hearts and make them shine again, even if everything’s in pieces.

TEDxBucharest: What are your expectations regarding the TEDxBucharest experience and what made you say yes to our invitation?

Alexandra: I don’t have any expectations. Maybe just hopes that I don’t make a fool of myself by falling off stage, taking a staff member with me, farting on my way to the floor and then maybe pulling some stage props too, to make the disaster complete. I’m not the clumsiest person alive, but nervousness makes me a little awkward. I’ve been told, though, that it doesn’t show. So I will try to keep my grim scenarios to myself.

I said yes to your lovely and unexpected invitation because I want to make a difference in the world, the best I can, and I think TEDx is an awesome place to begin this work that I’ve imagined for myself. I used to watch TEDx speeches all the time but I always felt like they’re for very smart people so I gotta’ admit... I didn’t think I’d ever get up on that stage. But I promise I will do my best not to fail you wonderful peeps.

TEDxBucharest: What did you want to become when you grow up?

Alexandra: My earliest choice was superheroine. I wanted to be Sailor Jupiter from the famous cartoons “Sailor Moon”.

Then, I wanted to become a fashion designer, so that I can design my own costumes when I save the world.

Rock music journalist is my most recent choice.

Today, I just want to be a good person who helps people, while rocking out to HIM.

Thank you for my 15 minutes of fame!
Alexandra Furnea