Alin Useriu Uhlmann – more details Experience

He grew one of the most important NGO’s in Romania. 10 000 volunteers, over 150 000 planted trees, 200 tons of garbage collected from the woods, 10 renovated and fully equipped schools, medicine worth of 1 million Euros donated to the sick and poor, one ecological water treatment plant and 3 hectares of “Pedagogical Forest”, a space in which children can learn about the importance of clean waters and forests.
After emigrating to Germany, Alin Ușeriu Uhlmann returned to Romania with great plans. In 2001, he started building a volunteers’ wonderland in Bistrița, called “Tășuleasa Social”. 12 years later, it has grown in one of the most prolific and novel green NGOs in Romania.
On November the 9th you will have the opportunity to meet this wonderful and daring person and listen to him talk not only about Tășuleasa Social, but also about the most important lessons that he learnt and the wonderful experiences that he shared with his volunteers.