Amy kaherl

Amy Kaherl

UNCOMMON crowdfunding

Amy Kaherl is the co-founder of Detroit SOUP and now the Chief Curator and Builder of Global SOUP. Detroit SOUP is a microgranting dinner that celebrates creative projects in the city and has helped Detroiters giving back to Detroiters over $140,000 towards art, social justice, social entrepreneurs, education, technology and urban agriculture. The model is now being replicated in over 170 cities around the world.

In her spare time she is the Director of Curation and Programming at Ponyride, a collaborative makerspace. Amy received her MA in Theology (emphasizing in popular culture) in 2008 from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Amy and SOUP have recently been honored as a White House Champion of Change for their crowdfunding efforts and have been recently awarded the German Marshall Memorial Fellowship and Red Bull Amaphiko Entrepreneur. While not running SOUP, Amy also moonlights as DJ Amy Dreamcatcher with the monthly party, Nothing Elegant.