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Bill Carney is an internationally renowned marketing consultant, originally from New York City, but has spent a third of his life in Africa, a third in Europe and the last in the United States.

Over the years, he occupied several positions in various business departments, in companies like General Motors, The Gap, Chrysler Corporation. He also started his own trading company, is an indie producer in the music industry, acted as a corporate, start-up and government consultant around the world, worked in Executive Education and taught MBA’s in one of the most prestigious Business Schools.

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TEDxBucharest in Dialogue with Bill

TEDxBucharest: How did you choose to build you career in your field?

Bill: I didn’t build a career… I pursued my passions and developed revenue streams.

TEDxBucharest: What is that drives you, that motivates you in what you do?

Bill: Three things: Fun, people and money.

TEDxBucharest: What are your expectations regarding the TEDxBucharest experience and what made say yes to our invitation?

Bill: An opportunity to meet new people and share some ideas.

TEDxBucharest: What did you want to become when you grow up?

Bill: I wanted to become exactly what I am… HAPPY! 😉