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Technological advances and the shifting of sexual boundaries are intertwined: we built the internet, we got online porn. We invented haptic engines that can automatically convey a remote sense of touch, we got teledildonics. Intrigued?

Bryony Cole is the founder of Future of Sex, a global sextech company, has interviewed 200+ experts and everyday people about the future of sex, exploring the impact of technology on human intimacy: "I made it my mission to uncover what the hell was going to happen to our intimate lives".

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TEDxBucharest in dialogue with Bryony

TEDxBucharest: How did you choose to build you career in your field?

Bryony: I've always been fascinated with the hidden sides of our humanity.

Technology has enabled us to relate to each other in new and interesting ways, often in secret. It presents a lot of the underbelly of our humanity, as well as enabling the best of us.

I was drawn to the intersection of these two fields (sex and technology) because it felt so underexplored and yet had I saw such huge possibilities for sextech to impact our future. I felt I could share stories from this world in a way that was non-threatening, real and easy to relate to.

TEDxBucharest: What is that drives you, that motivates you in what you do?

Bryony: Meeting fascinating people who are the best in the world at what they do. I love hearing from technologists about what they are working on, meeting doll artists and collaborating with female sextech founders. They inspire me with their boldness. If you are working in sextech you have a willingness to go where most people won’t. It takes a certain type.

TEDxBucharest: What are your expectations regarding the TEDxBucharest experience and what made say yes to our invitation?

Bryony: Romania has been at the top of my list to visit for some time. Everyone I meet from Romania is warm and open and I have been curious to experience that up close.

After speaking with Roxana I knew that this TEDx was going to be particularly special. The team put a lot of themselves into making it a standout event. It’s an honor to be a part of it.

TEDxBucharest: What did you want to become when you grow up?

Bryony: Happy. My parents used to ask me this question and wonder why I never said I wanted to be a doctor or a dancer. But you can’t be happy as a profession? I think you can.