TEDxBucharest 2013 brings in front of its audience an amazing speaker – Prof. Dr. Arh. Dorin Stefan, one of Romania’s most renowned and respected architects and among the pioneers to open a private architecture office at the very beginning of our democracy.
Lately, his architecture office and himself were strongly covered by the media for their awarded project proposal for one of the most courageous sky-scraper towers in Taiwan, the Floating Observatories, a futuristic city observatory. During his career, he was selected winner of other important awards (such as the Prize of the Architect’s Order of Bucharest), also collaborating at various international projects and exhibits.
As a teacher, he never stopped supporting future generations of talented architects to express themselves and to make their dreams become a reality. Dorin Ștefan has been fascinated from his early years by Constantin Brâncuși, and on the TEDxBucharest 2013 stage he will share with us a story about the past, present and future of Brâncuși’s art, creating a link through more than 100 years of history.