Florin Georgescu – more details Experience

A man of sheer passion and restless energy, Florin has completed his PhD. in Psychology and is the founder of the “Tandem” Association and “Tandem Arena”
Sports Club, where he promotes the importance of sports among athletes with disabilities.
In 2010, Florin Georgescu first toured Romania on a tandem bicycle, together with his good friend, Alexandru Racanel. In 2012 he was at the forefront of another tandem bicycle adventure, riding from Arad to London, to the Paralympics Games. This year he toured the country again, in the same formula, reaching more than 20 cities, in an effort to “break walls and create bridges”.
Despite everything, he plays the guitar and saxophone, loves to meet new people and holds the national land speed record in an automobile driven by a blind person. And he intends to break the world record for this category in the USA. On the TEDxBucharest stage, in a truly inspirational talk, Florin will share with us his personal insight on surpassing limits and boundaries.