Mircea Manolescu – more details Experience

A construction engineer with a PhD in the area of radiations from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon / University of La Rochelle, Mircea Manolescu started around the year 2000 to study seismology.
Following his personal passions, curiosities and fears he created a unique personal protection capsule for individuals in case of an earthquake, the Supershelter. Some of the awards he received for his achievement are The first Prize and Excellency Diploma for „Outstanding Inventor of the year 2006” from the World Intellectual Property Organization, Golden Medals at Bucharest, Geneva, Brussels, Pittsburgh, Medal and Excellency Diploma from the Emergency Situations Ministry of the Russian Federation, Commander of the Invention Merit - the Kingdom of Belgium and many more.
At TEDxBucharest 2013 he will showcase his firm belief that humans are capable of cohabiting with technology in a thoroughly researched live demonstration following the path from acknowledging health risks all around us up to common sense solutions for improving our constantly connected to technology lives.