Crossing your Boundaries at TEDxBucharest

30 overachievers wanted

We believe in the power of ideas, which can cross boundaries and make a change in our world. We believe in sharing those ideas, initiatives and building common trust to make them real. And sometimes, a bit of inspiration, a bit of trust and an opportunity to learn more is all you need to give you that extra nudge to get you started with changing the world.

This year, we’re partnering with 2Checkout, formerly Avangate, in finding those overachievers, those ambitious, creative, hard-working people who might have ideas to change the world, who might build the next app, the next product, create that much needed initiative to change the world.

Together, we’re offering the chance for 30 passionate TEDsters to join our event free of charge, in exchange for their idea to change the world. And apart from your idea, you don’t have a lot to do for this:

  • Fill in your details & submit your answer before Wednesday, 28th November, 23:59
  • Convince us with your answers you deserve to be here
  • Wait for our answer on the 29th of November, late morning (11:00 AM – GMT +3)
  • Find out if you’re one of the most inspirational 30 people to join us at the 10th edition of TEDxBucharest — 30th November–1st December.

If you won’t be one of the chosen ones, don’t worry, we have other special surprises prepared for you, powered by our friends at 2Checkout.

Are you ready to Cross Your Boundaries?

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The OVERACHIEVERS challenge has ended & over 150 applications were received, but only 30 were selected.

Congratulations to:

  • Rami Soboh
  • Elena Cornelia Dobre
  • Paul Pop
  • Ileana Dorobantu
  • Ioan Radu Tanasescu
  • Ana Georgescu
  • Codrin Socol
  • Alina Radu
  • Alexandra Dinu
  • Alexandru Petre
  • Serin Ismail
  • Liviu Ionut Rugina
  • Dan Mardale
  • Susala Andreea Stefania
  • Bogdan Kandra
  • Irina Cajvan
  • Monica Moisa
  • Cristina Craescu
  • Iulia Naxa
  • Maria Tarziu
  • Andy Sadeghian
  • Liviu Argeseanu
  • Luminita Xenia Mesaros
  • Teodora Tiganica
  • Ana-Maria Bucur
  • Serban Blebea
  • Steluta Cristea
  • Radu Costin Fugaru
  • Alexandru Dinica
  • Gabriela Pirliteanu

Thank you so much for applying, you truly amazed us!
You will receive further information on email & the ticket!

Make sure to bring your ticket with you at the registration desks in PDF format or a screenshot!

See you tomorrow, OVERACHIEVERS!

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