Paul Renaud

UNCOMMON facilitator

Following our tradition, we invited a previous TEDxBucharest speaker to be our facilitator for UNCOMMON SENSE Event. Paul Renaud inspired people through his speech on TEDxBucharest stage in 2015 and is going to be your host for this year event.

He is Canadian and during a broad-based business career he has lived and worked in Asia, South America, North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Having hands-on leadership skills, he considers his ‘Can-do’ attitude contagious with everyone he meets. Don’t believe us, just watch his speech from two years ago and you’ll be convinced!

Paul is a Certified Executive Coach (ICF) and he specializes in Peak Performance, Neuroscience and Marketing. His clients include Google, Coca-Cola, Philips, Bitdefender, eMAG, Orange, Vodafone, GE Capital, Toyota, UPS, UPC, Fokker, Endava and Bell Canada.

Paul is a founder of the Centre for Effective Coaching, an organization which will be recognized as the Leading Partner in creating sustainable change and a positive impact on performance for the European market.

Paul authored a book and white papers entitled:
• A Networking Book, 2014, available on, , Barnes
• What I’ve learned from Steve Jobs
• Going for Growth: Generating Top Line Revenues with Marketing

Paul developed a Masters of Networking workshop and is Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the Maastricht School of Management in Bucharest.

Follow his 2015 TEDxBucharest speech here.

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