Meet the speakers

Emil Pantelimon

Manager of ‘Madrigal’ National Chamber Choir. Changemaker.

Emil Pantelimon has started his career at a young age, and is a man who changes, moulds and defines both the scholastic and cultural aspects of our country. With an experience of over fifteen years, he’s coordinated projects and worked in the staff of two Romanian Ministers of Culture, on communication and performance of arts.

With a bachelor degree in Political Science and a degree in Foreign Policy Diplomacy, Emil Pantelimon forges perfect mediums that are oriented towards results for every team that he leads and guides. As the current manager of the “Madrigal - Marin Constantin” National Chamber Choir, his vision on management has impacted, and continues to do so, the lives of thousands of children nationwide by helping them realize their dreams of stepping up on the podium alongside the National Chamber Choir, with the help of the Cantus Mundi National Programme.

Emil Pantelimon is devoted, impassionate and has a burning desire to have a lasting impact on the lives of those around him.

Steven D’Souza

Award-winning bestselling author. Consultant & Executive Coach.

Steven D’Souza is a prominent and valued public speaker in many global companies; with international experience in the fields of HR, leadership and talent management, diversity and organisational development, he has taught at the Harvard Kennedy School and London Business School.

Besides being an accomplished consultant and executive coach, Steven is also an award winning and bestselling author; he had the grand distinction of having his first book, the international bestseller Made in Britain” personally presented to His Royal Highness Prince Charles. Steven has been featured in both national and international media, and has been acknowledged by HR Magazine in their top 30 Most Influential thought readers and in Thinkers50, on their Radar List for the world’s top management thinkers.

Based on his latest book (co-authored with Diana Renner), Steven’s TEDxBucharest 2018 talk will reveal to us ways in which can cross the boundary from the realm of dreary urgency and overdoing and into the realm of effortless, effective and sustainable action.

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Hallevy

Law Professor. Long Distance Runner. Pilot.

Professor Hallevy is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Law, within the Ono Academic College, in Israel.

He gives lectures on almost every classification of law there is: Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Evidence Law, Corporation Law, Conflict of Laws, Bankruptcy law, Legal Systems, Game Theory and the Law, and Law and Mathematics.

His achievements in the judiciary field are well renowned; the professor authored and published over thirty books, in circulation around the world, and most of them are cited by the highest court in the federal judiciary of the United States, the Supreme Court.

His constant drive and dedication for the letter of law pushed him along the years and saw him publish dozens of articles; in 2013, he was honored with the distinction of being chosen as one of the 40 most promising persons under the age of 40 by the "Globes" magazine ("Top 40 under 40"). As well as being an authority on everything that pertains to the law, he is also a long-distance runner, holds a pilot license and speaks English, French, German and Hebrew.

Dr. Tammy Nelson

World-renowned relationships expert. Sex therapist & Author.

Tammy Nelson is a PhD Board Certified Sexologist, Licensed Relationship therapist and a Psychology Professor. As a sex and relationship expert and author of many writings that take the human understanding of boundaries to the next level, she is internationally recognized as one of the top experts in the field of relationship therapy.

With almost thirty years of experience working with individuals and couples, she can help us span our understanding in the uncharted realm of human connection. Her practice is focused on helping people of all ages, orientations and genders find true affection, and on invigorating their perspectives to get in touch with their innermore passions.

She authored the books “The New Monogamy”, “Getting the Sex You Want”, “What’s Eating You” and the upcoming “When You’re the One Who Cheats.” Moreover, she has been quoted as an expert in The New York Times, NY Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone Magazine, Washington Post, Martha Stewart, CNN, The Sun, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Woman’s Day, and Time Magazine.

Dr. Tammy Nelson also blogs for the Huffington Post, Medium, Thrive Global and is on the Advisory Board of the Men’s Fitness MagazineShe also writes her own award winning blog at

David Mattin

Global Head of Trends & Insights at TrendWatching

By virtue of his peppy and provoking personality and the inspiring manner in which he delivers his speeches on emerging trends in innovation, business and consumerism, David Mattin is a valued and popular keynote speaker. He’s appeared regularly at leading conferences as well as at various closed events for brands such as Audi, American Express, Marriott, Virgin, Vodafone, and Condé Nast International.

An alum of the University of Cambridge, David's career began at The Times newspaper in London. With a comprehensive knowledge and over twelve years of experience in speaking and writing about technological, cultural and social change, David Mattin is the Head of Trends & Insights at TrendWatching, an independent trend firm established in 2002 where he leads research and trend thinking.

David is also a proficient writer; he’s published countless articles for Quartz, Fast Company, The Guardian, and Google Think Quarterly and wrote a startling book together with the team at TrendWatching, called Trend-Driven Innovation.

Last but not least, David Mattin was chosen, in 2018, to the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Consumption. This Council assembles masters from the world of academia, industry and from the public sector to advocate innovative thinking on key shared challenges in the 21st-century.

Andrei Tudor

10-year old Robotics Mastermind. Passionate apprentice.

Andrei Tudor’s passion is robotics. Surely, we all find robots to be fascinatingly complex, with their intricate machinery and steel veins, but Andrei went farther - he built his first robot at the tender age of eight years old, after finishing the Faculty of Electronics courses, backed by the “Flex Team. After that, Andrei went on to compete against high school students with his robot in the “Robochallenge” contest, followed by the “Chindiei’s Cup” national contest, in the city of Targoviste from where he took home the second place.

Algorithmics (which he learns in C++ courses) helped Andrei a great deal in actualizing another one of his projects: the MBB or “Multifunctional Message Board”, a project with which he competed in another competition that took place in Dublin where he won in the “Evolution” category.

In case you thought Andrei doesn’t have enough time for leisure time too, between his enthusiasm in robotics and algorithmics, then you should know that he likes mountain hiking, going to the park, riding his bike or scooter, playing with his friends and watching Science Fiction movies.

Enass Abo-Hamed

Enass Abo-Hamed

Researcher. Founder & CEO of H2GO Power. Environment Guardian.

Enass has a fervent passion and is devoted to assist, and strengthen our chances, in the battle against the very real threat posed by climate change by way of innovation and cutting edge science. More than that, with ten years of research and business experience in hydrogen production, nanotechnology, catalysis, renewable energy and energy storage, she campaigns for movements like women entrepreneurs in science and technology, action for climate change, energy security and the hydrogen economy. Enass has partook in a few prominent roundtable discussions and gave a number of plenary speeches in which she spoke about disruptive clean technologies as a means to combat climate change.

She is the co-founder and the CEO of the award winning cleantech company called H2GO Power”, which aims to bring inexpensive and stable energy to a million of people across the globe. The impact of her commitment and work has attracted the interest of eminent companies such as Renault-Nissan, Intelligent Energy, Google, SABIC, Magna and BP. She has earned plenty of awards and widespread recognition, including the 2017 “Visionary of the Year” accolade, conferred by the MIT Tech Review magazine, in their Innovators Under 35 Europe awards, and the Best Energy Start-up awards at the Global Hello Tomorrow Summit. In 2015 she was picked by the “Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards” as one in eighteen best women entrepreneurs at the global level, and one in three representing Europe. She has travelled to Africa, China and Central Asia on government-supported partnership missions, delivered speeches and recommendations about clean energy technologies as a tool to combat climate change and spoke at important and impactful forums like the World Economic Forum, MIT Tech Review EmTech, Women’s Forum, Crans Montana Forum, One Young World, UN Global compact – LEAD symposium, Middle East Mediterranean Forum and Google @ Think (A moonshot for clean energy).

During her lifetime, Enass strives for and hopes to see a greener and a cared for planet, shielded from our persistent pollution and man-made emissions before we leave it in the hands of the next generation.

Eugen Rădescu

Director Bucharest Biennale

Eugen is one of the most prominent people shaping the arts and culture scene of Bucharest. His background in political science can not characterize him well enough, as his influence reverberates in various strata that culture, in its entireness, represents.

He is a cultural manager, curator, theoretician and a political scientist specialised on moral relativism and political ethics, wanting to discover if morality can be found in politics by combining politology with the sensible affair of ethics.

Eugen wrote for various national and international newspapers and magazines. He’s been, amongst others, the curator for Bucharest Biennale 1” - a contemporary art festival which he’s also co-founded and co-directs - with the theme “Identity Factories”, of the exhibitions “How Innocent Is That?, presently I have nothing to show and I’m showing it!” and “Common Nostalgia” at the Pavilion center, in Bucharest.

He’s published the book How Innocent Is That?”, he’s the co-editor of PAVILION - journal for for politics and culture, member of the selection board at apexart New York for the programs "Franchise" and "Unsolicited Proposal Program". His passion for the arts paved the way for countless of lectures which he held at several diverse institutions such as apex, New York; Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe; Casa Encendida, Madrid; Paris Photo, Paris; Gulbenkian Centre, Lisbon and University of Arts, Cluj.


Ian Bradbury

Military expert. Soldier. Human. Social issues whistleblower.

Ian Edward Bradbury is a former soldier with the Canadian Forces and has served in a range of security and public and safety positions within the federal public service. A non-commissioned officer, Mr. Bradbury now serves as the CEO of The 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force (1st NAEF), a non-profit stability operations and peace support organization which he also founded.

Putting his skills and experience into practice, he became an expert in security matters, serving in a broad number of Canadian Agencies that includes the Privy Council of Canada as a specialist in Security and Intelligence Branch Threat Risk and Vulnerability, and as an Internal Security Branch Physical Security Advisor with the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service.

In 2010 he put in motion the Terra Nova Strategic Management consulting firm, based in Ottawa, which provides multiplinary services.

Even if Mr. Bradbury has an impressive career, he still continues to be down-to-earth, with an inexhaustible fiery devotion to matters of safety and security, and with an undying commitment to have a lasting impact on those around him.

Claudiu Miu

Founder of Climb Again. Activist. Sportsman. Social Entrepreneur.

Claudiu Miu is an activist, manager, sportsman and, above all, a dauntless and fearless man. Multiple national and Balkan climbing champion, Claudiu’s life was drastically changed when he was diagnosed, sometimes in 2010, with two dreadful diseases which kept him pinned to the bed for more than three years.

After life unexpectedly hurled this hardship at Claudiu, the idea of opening a sport therapy centre blossomed inside him. This idea turned into the Climb Again centre, where children and teens with disabilities can find their true potential and live a normal, fulfilling life in spite of their physical limitations. He’s also set the foundation of the National Paraclimbing Team, comprised of blind athletes, winners in the Paraclimbing World Cup.

Claudiu is a true giver; when life tried to hold him down, he rose up and made a difference by showing the entire world that you can achieve everything when you’re in possession of a strong will, and helping those burdened by shortcomings conquer their condition and reach beyond the bounds of possibility.

Andrew Chakhoyan

Futurist. Globalist. Optimist.

When talking about technology, communication strategies and public policy positions, Andrew Chakhoyan is your insight bringer.

Andrew Chakhoyan is a futurist, keynote speaker, globalist and, most importantly, an optimist. He is the Founder and CEO of the “Strategic Narrative Consulting” - an advisory firm based in The Netherlands which provides assistance to global tech companies, helping them develop public policy positions, define communication strategies and enhance their stakeholder engagement.

He led the Eurasia Department at the World Economic Forum (WEF) - responsible for stakeholder engagement in countries such as Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, among many others. During his tenure there he oversaw the implementation of several successful projects, including “Scenarios for South Caucasus & Central Asia”, the “Geneva Ukraine Initiative” and “Russia’s Regions Drivers of Growth”.

Having published articles for important industry publications like Medium, Futurism, WeForum and European Business Review, Mr. Chakhoyan is an authority and subject-matter expert on communication strategies and the future of business growth.

John M. Florescu

TV Producer. Businessman. Journalist.

Born in one of the oldest Wallachian families, “The Florescu family”, John M. Florescu is the son of Radu Florescu, a romanian academic and Professor Emeritus of History at Boston College. John is recognised internationally by virtue of his achievements in television production, historical documentaries production & journalism. One of the founders of Centrade (a family-owned media company based in Houston), former President & CEO of David Paradine Television Inc. (LA-based television production company), founder of Chainsaw Europe Studios, John Florescu has a remarkable history in the business area worldwide. Furthermore, he activated for 30 years in democratic politics gaining expertise in presidential campaigns & fundraising.

He is the man behind King’s War’, an acclaimed documentary that depicts the life of Romania’s last monarch: King Michael I. Broadcasted internationally, this documentary was held in high regard by the Royal Family who awarded Mr. John Florescu with the order ‘Crown of Romania’ in rank of Knight & Commander.

Along with Trevor Poots, he produced the documentary Trump vs Clinton’ which features interviews with heavyweight prolific personalities in the American political world, partisans of both candidates, ambassadors, leaders in foreign policy & experts. The documentary displays how the changes in the White House will have profound effects on European policy.

As a Co-Executive producer, John Florescu interviewed almost every past U.S. President (except President Barack Obama and Donald Trump) since Richard Nixon; several foreign heads of state including Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher and several Middle Eastern leaders. Furthemore, he was invited to conduct an audio interview with Prince Phillip at Buckingham Palace.

TV producer, businessman, journalist & expert in history and political issues, John Florescu will reunite with his Romanian origins at TEDxBucharest 2018.

Join us to meet the man who changed perspectives regarding Romania around the globe.

Laura Raetchi

UN Political Affairs. Peacekeeping expert.

Laura Raetchi shows that boundaries can be crossed both physically and figuratively, as she is the first and only Romanian to be part of UN’s negotiators team that deals with the armed conflict that unravels in Syria.

As it was her aspiration to become a United Nations expert, twelve years ago she joined this global organization, dedicating her career to resolving the predominantly complex and pressing diplomatic matters, including the peace negotiations furthered by the UN in Sudan and Syria.

Of course, this performance would not have been possible without hard work; born in the city of Brasov, Laura Raetchi graduated from the American University of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria - where she fell in love with the politics courses - with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. Fast-forward to the year 2003 and Laura gets her master’s degree in Security Studies from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston, Massachusetts. Three years later, she’s walking along the hallways of the United Nations for the first time, working in the administration of the organization’s Secretary General.

Being a herald of peace is not an effortless undertaking, but Laura Raetchi gracefully masters this duty.

Florin Stoican

President of Vacaresti National Park Association & Kogayon Association. Conservationist. Ashoka Fellow.

Florin Stoican, a conservationist, social entrepreneur and Ashoka Fellow, is mobilizing a movement driven by citizens with the aim of establishing a functional system for the areas that are under protection in Romania. It was his initiative that set in motion a chain of events that, for the first time in Romania, saw a group of private citizens and NGOs successfully lobby the romanian government to appropriate two zones as national and natural parks, and take them under their custodianship. The two zones are Buila Vanturarita National Park and Vacaresti Natural Park.

Florin is ushering a cultural mindset shift in the way Romanians cherish nature. Over time, he’s assembled over a thousand volunteers and persuaded the local community of Buila to co-design an eco-tourism offer. With an investment of 300.000 euros, he created an added-value of 30 million euros and increased the number of tourists over 100 times, over the course of a few years, while also saving 300 hectares of forest from abusive exploitation. He now wants to create a National Embassy for Protected Areas and additional collaborative spaces that would bring together various actors.

In the future, Florin’s ambition is to transform the Vacaresti National Park in the main tourist attraction in Bucharest, thus building best practice examples that can influence policy change, a new way of managing protected areas in order to support economic and social development and create a global standard for environmental protection and education.

Florin Stoican

Nadya Zhexembayeva

Reinvention Specialist. Sustainability strategist. Businesswoman. Author.

With the distinction of being named “The Reinvention Guru” by the “Venture” magazine and “The Queen of Reinvention” when sharing her insights into the world of business with audiences at TEDxNavesink, Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva is an educator, consultant, speaker, accomplished author and business owner; her speciality is reinvention.

As a consultant, Nadya has helped such companies as The Coca-Cola Company, ENRC PLC, IBM, CISCO, Erste Bank, Henkel, Knauf Insulation, Vienna Insurance Group and many other renowned organizations to reinvent their brand, products, processes and leadership practices.

Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva has also written two books together with Chris Lazlso, with whom, in an effort to reinvent corporate approaches to sustainability strategy, coined the concept of embedded sustainability”; virtually non-existent when they started in 2009, today it is a staple for corporate sustainability efforts.

An expert in the field of reinvention, she brings to this concept its heroic appeal and aids companies forge new chapters when, seemingly, all hope is lost.

Lucian Constantinescu

Former Marine Engineer Officer. Mental Illness Fighter.

Lucian Constantinescu has worked for twenty one years as a mechanical officer first in the Romanian Commercial Fleet, then in the Australian Commercial Fleet, sailing the seas. Yet, he hated every day spent on the water. He enrolled, against his wishes and at his mother’s and father’s behest, in the Faculty of Naval Electromechanics; both of them wanting their child to be an officer and engineer, disregarded his love for the written word and his dream of becoming a journalist. This is how Lucian started his life: doing what others wanted of him, forgetting to pursue his own desire.

Life on the sea is difficult and demanding; brimming with adventures, it has changed and shaped, for better or for worse, Lucian’s personality; in his battle against his mental illness, Lucian fought boldly and with obstinate determination, emerging as the victor. This battle defined him as a relentless fighter who overcame even the greatest vicissitude.

Lucian Constantinescu

Gregory Caremans

Brain Master. Founder of the Brain Academy. Author.

Gregory Caremans, a psychologist with a Master in communication specialized in Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach, is the former Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism in the city of Brussels. His area of expertise covers the brain, the organic machinery with one hundred billion neurons that forms our personalities and governs our thoughts and daily lives.

His fascination for the human mind helped give birth, in 2014, to the “Brain Academy”, a platform which provides us with the essential devices that we need in order to understand how our brain works. Brain Academy’s courses have been featured in the “Entrepreneur” magazine, while “The Economist” have contacted them for a partnership in which these courses are offered to their readers. Thus, Gregory Caremans shares his insight into the human brain with more than 100.000 students around the world.

The Brain Academy is a member of the highly esteemed “Max Planck Institute of Brain Research”, from Germany, thus ensuring the veracity and high quality of the content which it provides.

Join Gregory Caremans in his journey to discover the provocative and astonishing world of brain science and cross the boundaries of human understanding of the brain.

Alexa Valianatos

Vice President of MozaiQ. Human Rights Fighter.

Alexa Valianatos is a transgender woman and an adamant activist for the rights of the LGBT community and, particularly, for the transgender people too.

In 2017, she participated and left her mark on many actions and activities in the LGBT community and, at the beginning of May 2017 she initiated the important endeavor of informing and educating the broader society with the help of media and press.

Member of MozaiQ - a Romanian community organization for the LGBTQIA+ persons that wants to deepen and strengthen the community through solidarity and mutual trust - Alexa knows and understands the dire need of an organization in the relationship with the rest of the community. As she put it, “It is of utmost urgency to establish solutions for those members of the community who find themselves in parts of the country where there isn’t any organization, as they will have no support or assistance whatsoever when they come face to face with rejection and marginalization in the socio-professional medium.” She believes that such activities of sustained, solid information are necessary in the public space, both for the society as a whole and for target groups.

Tom London

Thomas Webb (Tom London)

Tech Artist

At fifteen, most teenagers, perhaps, roam the internet and squander their precious time with silly nonsense. On the other side of things, at fifteen, Thomas Webb hacked into his school’s computers network and uncovered a bunch of students who were downloading illegal and harmful content into their school’s computers.

In doing so, Thomas exposed the system’s vulnerabilities and deficiencies to the school’s headmaster and was rewarded with a bursary and administrative right to the school computers. Since then, he’s spent most of his free time learning to code and build computer games on Adobe Flash 8.

Four years later, and Thomas is initiated into the Magic Circle. At the age of eighteen, he was the youngest member to be admitted within the ranks of this esteemed club, where he discovered the innards of misdirection and mendacity.

Thomas, with the panache of a proficient painter, blends the worlds of technology, magic and deception into his impressive performances, leaving his audience in awe yet distrustful of the future of technology and its inevitable impact on our workaday lives.

Marius Ursache

Designer. Entrepreneur. Former doctor.

Marius Ursache has an eclectic career; he’s a designer, an entrepreneur, and former doctor. His latest foray into the many stratas of our world’s professions sees him close to the once upon a time futuristic idea of Artificial Intelligence that is now piercing through the realm of imagination and towards the realm of our reality. He’s interested how, with its disruptive demeanor, Artificial Intelligence can improve our experience with death and dying, a concept that is strange to us as well as stirring.

For the last twenty years, Marius Ursache has worked in media, healthcare, design, marketing, financial technology, innovation consulting and Artificial Intelligence. In this time he’s founded four companies and an NGO, all of which are aiming to find what these fascinating fields have to offer. His most recent company, Eternime, a pioneer in digital immortality, creates cybernated simulacrums of people, based on their digital shadow. The company seeks to link life and death together so that the hereafter will become a palpable truth, rather than remain an elusive fantasy.

Born and raised in Romania, he endeavored to see as much of the world as possible, all the while exposing himself to as many culture shocks as he could. He’s learned Spanish applying the most uncommon method there is - using Tinder while staying in Chile. His adventures trump those of Indiana Jones as he ran a full-marathon in North Korea, survived the dangers of frog poison with the Matses tribe in the Amazon; got scarred by the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia; cooked tajine for fishermen in the small and exotic village of Taghazout, Morocco. Although of course, as with every unexpected undertaking, the best parts were those when meeting fascinating people and catching a brief, yet all-embracing glimpse into their lives.

Alyssa Carson

Youngest astronaut in training. MARS ONE Ambassador.

At the delicate age of only three, Alyssa, with her heart set on the mysterious Cosmos and distant constellations glimmering in her eyes, told her father that she wanted to be an astronaut and be one of those pioneers that get to stand on the red surface of Mars. He had no idea that her impromptu declaration would turn out to be the inception of a purposeful and lifelong journey.

Now, fourteen years after the spark of her dream had been set ablaze, at seventeen, Alyssa’s list of tremendous feats grows even bigger. She has witnessed three Space Shuttle launches, has attended Space Camp for seven times, Space Academy three times, and the Robotics Academy too. She is the youngest alum of the Advanced Space Academy, Aviation Challenge and multiple Sally Ride Camps.

Alyssa’s received the Right Stuff Award, which is the highest award you can receive from Space Camp, the first time she attended it. In 2012 and 2013, she enriched her knowledge by going to Space Camp Turkey and Space Camp Canada. She went on to become the first person to attend all three NASA Space Camps in the world.

She has graduated from such noteworthy institutes as the National Flight Academy, VA Flight Academy, Cosmosphere, Euro Space Academy, and Gladiator School; she also holds the accomplishment of being the first and, so far, only person to complete the NASA Passport program, visiting all fourteen of NASA’s Visitor Centers that cover the expanse of nine states. In January 2013, NASA invited her to be on the MER 10 panel in Washington DC, in order to debate the future of Mars missions, live on NASA TV. She’s also been selected as one of seven ambassadors who represent the Mars One mission, a mission to build the first human colony on Mars in 2030.

Also attended the International Space University summer program in 2015, and in October 2016 she was the youngest alum of the Advanced Possum Academy, thus officially authorizing her to go to space, and making her an astronaut trainee, upon completing her Applied Astronautics Professional Certification from the Embry-Riddle University in August of 2018. She’s completed a research campaign and Space Suit training in Zero G, in Canada, with the Possum Academy. In 2017, Alyssa’s been named with the distinction of being a “Louisiana Young Hero”.

She’s given speeches all over the world and she’s appeared in many and numerous TV and Radio Shows. Her drive, her ambition and heart have all been poured into this so familiar dream of ours, and it all paid off. She’s conquered almost everything there is on this Earth, and now she’ll venture in the great cosmic canvas to conquer its planets.

Avram Iancu

Overachiever. Record-breaker swimmer. Sportsman.

Avram Iancu is a daring action man and swimmer who crossed countless of boundaries, and broke even more records. Knowing this, it’s not surprising that he’s the first human to swim across the Danube river, from its flowing point in the Black Forest, all the way to its emptying point, in the Black Sea, without a neoprene suit. He completed this veritable feat of strength in just eighty nine days, swimming across 2.860 kilometers.

Starting out as a librarian at the Municipal Library of Petrosani, he went on to become the first Romanian to be nominated in the “Swimmer of the Year” category by the World “Open Water Swimming Association”.

With a catalog of impressive achievements which is boundless, and an undying ambition to burst through the shroud of normalcy, Avram Iancu wants to show us that there are virtues which can transcend death.

Nicolae Voiculeț

Nicolae Voiculeț

Pan Flute Maestro.

It was at the early age of three when, after having heard the music of a band of travelling gypsies in his native country of Romania, Nicolae Voiculeț’s heart was set on fire with a burning desire to be a musician.

Also known as Nivo, Nicolae Voiculeț plays the piano and the pan flute, the latter being the instrument in which his strength and passion lie. With the pan flute his is an absolute master; the instrument, when it’s in his hands, becomes a vessel for the dancing notes, reminiscing the wild forests, babbling brooks, verdant valleys and the rich romanian folklore.

Nicolae Voiculeț is the cultural ambassador of Romania and the ambassador of Romanian tourism and a person of the utmost moral decency. In 2006 he was decorated by the president of Romania with the “Order of Cultural Merit”, with the rank of knight. He proudly promotes and represents Romania, its authenticity and important traditions on the greatest stages of the world, having performed in front of over 65 states leaders and in many cosmopolitan countries such as France, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary, the UK, the U.S.A, Japan, Thailand, and Italy. In addition, Nicolae Voiculeț is the first romanian who has performed at the World Bank, at the international exposition in the city of Nagoya and at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Nicolae Voiculeț has transformed the panpipes into a sophisticated solo instrument, breathing life into its magnificent wood tubes to envelop us in their mystic melodies, elevating our spirit and carrying us into far away idyllic lands.

Event performers

Simona Dabija si Razvan Stoian

Simona Dabija & Răzvan Stoian, directed by Millo Simulov

Multimedia dance performance

Soundopamine + Aural Eye

One-of-a-kind audio-visual experience

Event host

Cosmin Dominte (1)


HOST of TEDxBucharest 2018, former TEDxBucharest performer

Cosmin Dominte is just an ordinary man, with an extraordinary job. To expand on this and give a bit of context, Cosmin, also known as JAZZ 8, is a bona fide Renaissance Man who made a career out of expressing his eclectic creative power and speaking the truth.

His home is where the stage is, as he cruises through theatre, film, music and verses with masterly ingenuity. Born and raised in Galati, Cosmin’s path to success has not been without its peaks and valleys. Working since he was fourteen years old, he went through diverse jobs, from carrying heavy merchandise and doing construction work, to bartending, advertising and being a bank treasurer of four counties (Galati, Braila, Vrancea, Buzau). However, he knew that something was amiss; so, in his twenties, he left his hometown for the restless Bucharest where he pursued the art of acting, graduating from U.N.A.T.C. He’s appeared both on the silver screen and under the spotlights. In films, Cosmin worked with esteemed names from Hollywood, such as Paul Schrader, Nicholas Cage, Michael Jai White, Byron Mann, F. Murray Abraham – only to mention a few.

JAZZ 8 is his stage name in the music and poetry world where he co-founded alongside four other artists the SickSoundCrew”, an independent label and an "urban creative hub", and also formed The Bridge Committee alongside Kent Archie, an urban music group that beautifully bridges the gap between African American and Romanian culture.” His venture into poetry won him the title of “Slam Poetry Champion”.

Cosmin Dominte will be this year’s TEDxBucharest HOST and his tenacious use of the written and spoken word is sure to jolt you into reality, to open your eyes and make you pay attention to everything that has an influence on your life.