Violeta Dascălu

UNCOMMON education

Violeta Dascălu has 30 years of experience in education, starting as a geography professor and being also the Principal of Ferdinand I School in Bucharest for the last 10 years. She has an unique, very devoted approach to what educating children should be about: ‘education is more than sharing information, it is the act that builds characters and discovers vocations’. Guided by this belief and being in the position to educate children from disadvantaged economic groups, she dedicated herself to teach not only the common school curricula, but she also developed several additional programs to educate children about sports, arts, ecology, healthy lifestyle, etc., by surrounding herself with teachers that share her values and using several financing options to sustain the School Afterschool program she developed.


TEDxBucharest in dialogue with Violeta

TEDxBucharest: How did you choose to build you career in your field?

Violeta: I have always loved school and teachers! Starting with my primary school teacher, Mr. Popescu, who fascinated me during his music classes on violin, Mr. Vâșcă, who sent us in all the places on Earth, and continuing with my high-school teachers – the Romanian literature one, Miss Batâr, the most elegant teacher I ever had, or the geography teacher – pragmatic, honest and fair. The university fulfilled my need for specificity, for Universe, for everything.

Therefore, having such admirable role models, I could do nothing else but follow them. Even my husband is called DASCĂLU (aka Teacher, in Romanian).

I have taken responsibility for everything with calm, passion and curiosity. And I am fascinated everyday by Beauty!

TEDxBucharest: What is that drives you, that motivates you in what you do?

Violeta: What motivates me do this? The people – children or adults, parents, relatives of children, teachers. The need for knowledge, to evolve, to share the joy of having a beautiful life, by giving what I am, what I can, what I do. I believe that only by giving one can receive back. And I receive the gift of laughter, hugs, gratitude… tons of energy!

TEDxBucharest: What are your expectations regarding the TEDxBucharest experience and what made say yes to our invitation?

Violeta: I want to inspire about Change, about It Is possible, There are Solutions, The System allows us, We are Unique. The joy to be in school!

Another project is waiting to be heard and created! Our society and the whole world needs positive role models and examples and I feel honored to bring them at TEDxBucharest.

TEDxBucharest: What did you want to become when you grow up?

Violeta: I wanted to become a singer! And I sing…music has so many forms. I have been on stage and I still do.