Ion is the proud member of the Ikedoo Institute founding team, a place where the future of education is explored and shaped. Lego, Mecanoo, Electric trains, Optik Cabinet, Indian tent, Le Petit Larousse, Jules Verne, Leonard, Pif Gadget, Tintin, Asterix and Leonard as well as many friends have steered him through childhood.
Ion co-founded the Ikedoo Institute with the same dream as TEDxBucharest 2013:
„Make it happen”. This has two meanings for him:
-On one hand, Ion and his friends build with their hands, hearts and minds a platform of experiential education for thousands of children, being determined to make it happen for all children in Bucharest and Romania, regardless of their financial situation.
On the other hand, the teaching methods he and his friends believe in are based on the concept of „making things happen”. Children actually learn by doing, with minimum boundaries and ever expanding knowledge about how the world works. They are the masters of their own creations. Geometry, construction, architecture are just some of the disciplines that help Ion educate children.