TEDxBucharest is looking for colleagues!

Hello, doer,

Yes, we call you doer, because only people who desire to do more and more everyday end up here. Cheers to you!

Let’s get to business – as some people like to say! TEDxBucharest is searching for curious individuals who want to leave their mark on something meaningful, people who are interested in exploring the land of infinite knowledge a little bit more, doers who have ideas and are not afraid to put them into practice. To set the record straight, we want to find people like you: a seeker for inspiration, passionate about the world and a lover of TED.

Click on the link below, fill out the form, and maybe you will be our much awaited colleague.

P.S.: please keep in mind that TEDxBucharest is an NGO, therefore all the positions are volunteering work.

Join us!