Writer | Executive Coach | Adjunct Professor of Marketing

A Canadian with a broad-based career who managed to live and work on 5 of the 7 continents. Paul is a qualified Executive Coach, specialized in Behavioral Coaching, Peak Performance, Brain Science & Marketing.  An energetic communicator and captivating facilitator, in 2014 he launched his book, ‘A Networking Book’, available on Amazon. Paul is also Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the Maastricht School of Management & the University of New York in Prague (UNYP).

Adriana Istrate

Banking Consultant | Ultra-marathon Runner

After realizing she was turning into a workaholic 2 years ago, Adriana decided to make a change in her life. A sole decision, starting a new habit – running - changed her in a way she couldn’t ever imagine. Through perseverance and dedication, careful planning and hard work, Adriana managed to complete project 777: one marathon and one ultramarathon on each of the seven continents. She runs for a better life, changing the world one step at a time.

Andrei Lupse

Designer | Founder of Baza Ulmu School of Permaculture

Eco-Domes, super-adobe, permaculture, botany, ecological agriculture. Choosing this sustainable way of life takes courage and perseverance, inviting you to walk on a road less traveled. Andrei decided to take his chances and for the past 3 years spends time at Baza Ulmu, a special place where houses are built of dirt, people take care of livestock and everyone personally knows everyone. His story is one of simplicity, with minimal intrusion in the natural landscape, away from technology but directly connected to people and the surrounding environment.

Lightwave Theatre Company

Theatrical performance

Well-known independent puppet theatre company who decided to take on the Romanian cultural landscape and transform it through mystery. Founded in June 2013, Lightwave Theatre Company promotes puppetry as an art in a bold manner, with the aid of life-size puppets, all for those who dare to explore their fears and delights, their joys and sorrows. This is all uncharted territory for the Romanian artistic setting, mixing theatre with multimedia and special effects in live performances.

Vijay Raju

Deputy Head of the Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum

Disruptive millennial voices interacting with leaders on topics oriented towards the future? Vijay is on to it! He is an expert on creativity and business model innovation, credited for several successful projects. His innovation work has been mentioned in the Lean Startup, Little Black Book of Innovation and First Mile. Also, Vijay is himself a writer, addressing subjects such as leadership and innovation, and contributing to WEF Agenda and Huffington Post India. Mr. Raju also spent several years leading animation and computer graphics projects, one of which being among the first 3d animations to come out of India.

Adrian Buzatu

Research associate, University of Glasgow | Member of the ATLAS experiment at CERN

Adrian Buzatu is a researcher specialised in data analysis to search for the Higgs boson, a fundamental ingredient of matter. Passionate about science communication, Adrian loves to tell the story of the Higgs boson discovery, of which he was a part of, and its implications for science and philosophy. He is also fond of teaching, especially programming for science (C++, ROOT), and how to create great presentation and reports in science.

Thomas C. Knobel

Founder & CEO, NOBEL

Born in Switzerland, Thomas founded his first company at age 7, a fresh food delivery business. His inherent entrepreneurial spirit has led him to start several businesses throughout his life, currently on three continents. Today, Thomas is working on his most special project of all time, a project with big ambitions to reinvent the world economy and doing good in the world through the power of connections and sharing. It has been officially launched in Romania in October 2015.

Yvette Larsson

Founder, Bucharest Lounge | Educator, The International School of Helsingborg

Yvette is the founder of The Bucharest Lounge through which she re-brands Romania abroad, since 2011. She’s Swedish and has a long history with Romania, coming here for the first time in 1985. Yvette dedicates her time in Romania within the fields of leadership, education and culture.

Cristina Chiriac

President, National Association of Entrepreneurs

Cristina Chiriac is a doctor in Economics with significant experience in management. Currently, Cristina is the President of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and the Ambassador of the Female Entrepreneurship under the European Commission.

How are Cristina and Yvette connected? They share the same passion for a representative piece of folklore: the Romanian Blouse (“ia”).

Lars Soeftestad

Social Anthropologist | CEO, Supras Limited

Born in Norway, and currently living both there and in Bulgaria, Lars is trained as a social anthropologist. He works on development cooperation since more than 30 years. He has founded and presently manages Supras Limited, two consulting firms registered in Bulgaria and Norway. His expertise stretches over project management, social/institutional analyses, capacity building, and strategic communication. Supras operates in countries in Africa, Middle East, South Asia and Eastern Europe / Balkans, focusing on civil society and its relationships with the public and private sectors, in the context of broader issues like governance, inclusion, participation and transparency.

Cosmin Cioca

Musical Performance

Take a deep breath. And now exhale. If you heard beats and the sound of a flute playing when doing so, then your name probably is Cosmin Cioca. Since the early years of his life, Cosmin had a special connection with music. His parents signed him up for flute classes and even though at first it was more of a love-hate relationship, in time he kept getting better and better. After successfully winning music competitions, he decided to let the world know of his gift by participating to a national television talent show. And the world smiled back!

Roxana Marin

High School Teacher | Public Speaking and Debate Coach and Adjudicator | Activist

High school teacher of English, British and American culture and civilization, World Literature. Public speaking and debate coach and adjudicator. Community organizer. Educational equity consultant. Behavior change training designer and facilitator. Roxana goes by many titles, but none truly fit her personality in full . She just says she's the Cosbuc teacher and founder of the Center for Action and Responsibility in Education. And that she's a nice lady, always having some cookies around. No mention of the dark side.

Dan Mocanu

Coach | Organist

Dan is an explorer in possibility across the realms of physics, music, software engineering and business. As a coach, he is a catalyst for individual and team performance. As an organist he is a student of Bach’s perfection. Dan is a Blue Ocean Strategy practitioner, professional coach member of the International Coaching Federation and founder of Aperio® Executive Coaching and TimePal®. He ignited personal and business breakthroughs with over 80 local and multinational companies and hundreds of executives.

Miguel A. Castillo

NASA Rocket Scientist | Writer | Inventor | Inspirational Speaker

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of 19 and being condemned to a wheelchair for life, Miguel discovered that his dream of being an astronaut contained a secret to returning the feeling back to his body. In only 1.5 years, he found a solution to defeat his paralysis, and a few years later he joined NASA. In the 12 years that Miguel has remained MS-free, he has understood why he developed that illness: not following his dreams. Now, Miguel teaches others how achieve the “impossible”, and that “feeling the universe” is the next step in human evolution.

Gratian Sonu


At the age of 12, Gratian is working on becoming a great person. Curious about everything, unpredictable but at the same time, innocent, he amazes through the simplicity of his arguments, making you wonder what is his true age. Gratian is a passionate explorer, constantly on the look out for new learning opportunities and interesting people, thirsty for knowledge and seeking true wisdom.

Vlad Mihai Teohari

Engineer | Founder, Salva Software

Fond of science since first stepping foot in school, Vlad enjoys working hard for achieving his goals. He defines himself as a person with high ambitions because once he sets his mind on something, he is unstoppable. Vlad just completed this year his Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology in Bucharest. He doesn't accept half measures in anything he does and always finds the right answer no matter the problem.

Cristiana 'Mongol' Stancu

Mixed Martial Artist, Boxer and Kickboxer | Painter

Meet the first Romanian female to win the World Kickboxing Pro Title, in Superkombat, who is also specialized in Orthodox Theology and holding a religious painter diploma (byzantine iconography). Cristiana managed to graciously interconnect these apparent two different areas of interest and to find common things through which she could bring balance in her life.

Visinel Balan

Actor | Legal Adviser | Activist for the rights of institutionalized young people

Visinel Balan was abandoned in a children institution when he was 2 months old and went on living in institutions for most of his pre-adult life. He had never met his family by age 11. Currently, he holds a degree in Law and one in Drama, and a Master's degree in Criminal Law. Throughout the years, he has led the Students Department in the Romanian Youth Ministry, has been a Drama teacher for gifted children at Jilava jail, and also a counselor for numerous foster care institutions in Bucharest. He is now working on a significant national research document regarding the independent lives of foster children. The title of this document is The Failure of Post-Institutionalization.

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