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Paula Herlo


Senior Correspondent and Producer for „România, te iubesc!” („Romania, I Love You!”) News Magazine, Paula Herlo delivers outstanding journalistic investigations on critical issues of the Romanian society. Throughout her career, she has constantly built a highly regarded professional profile. Paula’s devotion in reporting and designing the News Campaign, Any Idea What Your  Kid Is Doing Right Now?  has been rewarded with the much-coveted International Emmy Award for Outstanding News, in New York, in 2008.

She kept coordinating social campaigns for News: There’s Life In Our Blood and I Want Parents, Too led to establishing the National Unrelated Donors’ Registry and modifying the Adoption Act, respectively; Be Healthy, Romania!, described the National Health System’s own diseases, and the 2014 Any Idea What Your  Parents Are Doing Right Now? pictured – for  the first time – the life of the lonely elderly.

Paula Herlo is also a busy volunteer with the „Dăruiește Viață” Association. Backed by campaigns on Pro TV News, the Association raised 3 million Euros, later invested in Romanian hospitals for the benefit of cancer patients.

Part of the money funded the first Molecular Cytogenetics Laboratory in Romania, that precisely diagnoses forms of cancer. Other sums endowed the ICU of Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Timișoara, where a stem cell bank was also euipped.

With another two million Euros raised, the Association tripled the marrow bone transplant capabilities in three hospitals: the Fundeni and University ER in Bucharest and Louis Țurcanu in Timișoara.

Alexandra Usurelu


The warm, clear and gentle voice that sings about people and feelings, not things, with a particular sensitivity and a tone you will surely recognize. Alexandra Usurelu won Best Album of 2015 with "La capătul lumii » and has held for the past 3 years over 300 concerts, rapidly becoming one of the most loved independent artists.

She has a profound love for children and has dedicated time either driving social projects ("In dar pentru copii") or being an ambassador for humanitarian causes ("Nu esti singur").

At the beginning of 2016, Alexandra Usurelu was the only Romanian artist with two national tours held in parallel: ”Povestești și Călătorești la Cărturești” and ”PUR”.

Adrian Oianu

Fashion Designer

Adrian Oianu is the first Romanian fashion designer who searched and explored the Romanian heritage, taking elements from the traditional Romanian costume and reinterpreting it to the contemporary.
Since 2006, each collection was inspired from specific Romanian elements, themes and native emblematic figures.
For the past years, Adrian Oianu’s team educated its public and consistently promoted the importance and necessity of rediscovering the Romanian identity in each possible way.
The fact that we are strongly influenced in our creative endeavor by traditional Romanian elements doesn't mean we are extreme-nationalists. It only means we are not ashamed with our own identity and just as we proudly speak about the family we come from, the job we have, the house we grew up in, so we can speak in Europe or in any other place in the world, with pride and respect about our cultural identity and traditional roots. This is not a trend! It is a constant and permanent approach.

The magic of the work comes from its connection with  motherland Romania, with its story tales, beauty and history and with the uniqueness of its women. ...how can it be described? ...soft and kind…like warm bread! These women wear their garments joyfully, imprinting them with their cheerfulness, with no vanity or infatuation.

Roxana Dumitrache

Feminist Activist | Collaborator, Romanian Cultural Institute | Writer

" I have the intellectual traits of a feminist, but not the ambition of transforming the world. I practice public writing for some time now, with the understanding that crossing from philosophy and political science to literature is, if not a huge step, a form of emotional gymnastics.

My debut exercise - that of some form of bashfulness I name novel - Ma, Mi, Joi and the reactions from readers, especially the female readers, have convinced me that I can write about motherhood, fear and womanhood experiences trying, at the same time, to womanize myself. It is because I won’t expect to be manned up for the courage of writing, but am expecting to womanize writing in order to understand I have always been one with it.

Feminism is neither a playground for trained minds, nor a land of fierce fighting against men. It is a critic reconstruction of reality and political projects which should represent an unsegregated humanity. And as much as it tires or upsets me to hear I support feminism to show that the world is sometimes not very friendly to women, I believe feminism can (also) be rescuing. "


Roxana Dumitrache

Anca Bucur

Fitness Coach | Miss Fitness Universe

Born in 1987 in Targu Mures, Anca Bucur distinguished herself from other children her age as being capable of doing more. At the age of 3, she started to take ballet lessons, working her way up to Artistic Gymnastics. At the age of 7, she left her home town to train at a famous school in Deva, where she later developed her appetite for Aerobics. Fast forward to 2010, Anca moved to Bucharest where she still works today as a Fitness trainer. Her passion, devotion and hard work got her the title of Miss Fitness Universe in 2011 and many more to date. Her story is about good things that come to those who work hard and want it with all their heart.



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